YouAn Hospital makes a hit through arduous efforts - Evolution of YouAn Hospital

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Beijing You An Hospital, Capital Medical University is a large-scale comprehensive medical center, its main service objects and key disciplines are the group who suffered the infected, infectious, acute and chronic diseases, and it integrates the preventation, medical treatment, health care and recovery etc. It was set up in 1956, with the floor area of 52,250m2, and there are 750 hospital bed prepared at present. It has several domestic leading disciplines, such as the hepatobiliary surgery, liver transplantation surgery, tumor minimally invasive treatment, immunity and biotherapy therapy and the infection and AIDS diagnosis and treatment etc.


Beijing Institute of Hepatology is located in You An Hospital, it is the municipal public beneficial medical scientific research institute, and it develops and grows continuously in the development manner of institute cooperation with Beijing You An Hospital. 6 advanced technical equipment platforms are set up gradually during the 12th five-year-plan and the 13th five-year-plan period, including the nucleic acid sequencing platform, protein platform, streaming platform, functional study platform of cell tissue morphology, laboratory animal platform and diagnosis and treatment antibody research external service platform, becoming the central member unit of capital scientific condition platform field.


More than 180 various liver transplantation operations and 500 liver cancer operations will be completed successfully in Beijing You An Hospital every year; it is the hospital in which the artificial liver technology was carried out domestically at the earliest, more than 500 patients with serious hepatic failure are treated and cured here, and more than 8,000 tumor minimally interventional therapy operations are carried out here every year. The artificial liver technology, the tumor, liver and gall intervention minimally invasive medical technology, integrative Chinese and western medical technology for the hepatopathy, mother-to-child blocking technology of the maternal with the Hepatitis B, the gastrointestinal endoscopy therapy technology for the hepatopathy, renal dialysis technology for the hepatopathy combined with the uremia, hepatobiliary surgery technology and the treatment technology for sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS are the preponderant discipline developed in You An Hospital. Meanwhile,You An Hospital also is the location of national GCP, it is provided with the modern research-based inpatient ward, 2 traditional Chinese medicine national clinical bases and 7 national/Beijing municipal key laboratories; the key disciplinary areas of traditional Chinese medicine infectious diseases, the infectious disease/AIDS clinical base of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, immunology laboratory of infectious diseases of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Virogene level-3 laboratory of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and national traditional Chinese medicine infectious diseases key laboratory are the state-level key disciplines and laboratories. Beijing You An Hospital sets up the two disease sample (hepatitis/AIDS) resource libraries of the ten disease resource libraries in capital according to the international standard, collecting about 1200000 samples of the various infectious diseases and relevant diseases (with the most of hepatopathy and AIDS); and it sets up the largest-scale HIV queue in the Asia, laying the solid foundation for the carrying out of the scientific research in the infection/infectious diseases field. There are 6 doctors cultivating bases and 10 postgraduate students cultivating bases in You An Hospital; several hundreds of scientific research topics are carried out in the viral hepatitis and liver cancer, AIDS and emerging infectious research field during the “11th five-year-plan”, the “12th five-year-plan” and the “”13th five-year-plan” in You An Hospital, such as the major special prevention and cure project of national infectious diseases, national sci-tech support plan, 973, 863, national and Beijing municipal natural science foundation, scientific development foundation of Ministry of Education, Beijing municipal science and technology plan, capital health development scientific research project etc. and dozens of technical patents were obtained.


In order to provide the all-round-service to AIDS and hepatopathy patient, the “You An Love Homeworld” and the “Hepatopathy Well-being Homeworld” is set up in You An Hospital, forming the integrated management service system of chronic disease, integrating the prevention, treatment, protection and health. The biggest You An hepatopathy infection specialist medical association is set up in You An Hospital, it has more than 260 member units which distribute in the whole country, cultivating lots of professional technical experts.

The international exchange and cooperation of You An Hospital is wide and deep, the long-term deep cooperation with Oxford University in the aspect of scientific research and talent cultivation field is implemented all the time, plenty of outstanding young people are sent to England to study every year, more than ten of them has completed their study and came back, lots of them has obtained the Doctoral Degree awarded by Oxford University. Meanwhile, You An Hospital has established the cooperation relationship with lots of medical organization in Germany, France, America and Canada etc.

The You An spirit of “Be Realistic, Dedicate to, Be exquisite and Innovation” are carried forward by You An member for the long time, following the humanistic spiritual concept of “Following the truth and Being Virtuous” is always the main battlefield and key role for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in our country, You An Hospital has underwent the SARS, H1N1 and H7N9 influenza, Ebola hemorrhagic fever and COVID-19, therefore the comprehensive strength and the treatment and cure ability of responding to the severe cases of new and sudden infectious diseases of You An Hospital are increased greatly.

Beijing You An Hospital will be the daring pioneer for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.