Scientific Research Work of Beijing Youan Hospital,Capital Medical University

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Scientific research of Youan hospital has been bounding in recent years,due to our efforts in building a clinical and translational medicine platform, an international cooperation and exchange platform and a clinical & translational based research model. Youan hospital’s influence and core competitiveness both at home and abroad have been improved obviously thanks to our good use of advantageous research resources, rapid development in our key medical subjects and the translation of research findings. Youan hospital ranked second within infectious disease specialty of 2014 Chinese Hospital’s Science and Technology Influence Ranklist.

Construction of scientific research platform

Youan hospital won two National Key Clinical Programs on the subject of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) -based liver disease treatment led by Professor Li Xiuhui and the infectious disease subject led by Professor Duan Zhongping respectively with the total funding of ten million yuan. We have three Beijing Key Laboratories focusing on translational research on Hepatitis B & liver cancer, AIDS and infectious disease related biomarkers with three different PIs namely Professor Li Ning, Professor Wu Hao, and Professor Zhang Yonghong. There are four specialties including AIDS, liver transplantation, infectious disease related radiography and gastroenterology of Youan hospital gained SAIL projects supported by Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals in recent years.


Research projects and funding obtained

Total government funding for Youan hospital’s research projects over the past five years amounted to 160 million yuan, including above 40 national projects and 50 provincial projects. In 2012, the team led by Professor Li Ning obtained an international cooperation project supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, named “Molecular marker screening and immune mechanism research in early diagnosis of HBV-related liver cancer collectively studied by China, the United States and Britain” with the total funding of 3.5 million yuan. Additionally, Professor Zheng Jiasheng, research head in minimally invasive surgery, led his team won 2012 Technology Support Program funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China with project entitled “Equipment development and demonstration of CT-guided microwave ablation therapy in minimally invasive surgery” and its funding totaled 9.85 million yuan.


Academic papers,books and patents

1,884 academic papers were issued in China’s core science and technology magazines and 210 SCI articles were published with the impact factors (IF) totaled 787.8, among which there are 17 SCI articles with IF above 5 and 5 articles with IF over 10. There are 17 academic medical books published in recent years.A world leading international publisher, Springer from Germany, made an arrangement in advance with chief editors, Professor Li Hongjun and Li Ning, for an English book named Radiology of influenza a (H1N1) and distributed worldwide. This book was funded by National Natural Science and Technology Foundation and labeled as a “Going Global” reference book.

We have 11 authorized invention patents and utility model patents, eight software copyrights and 15 filed patents in total. Among them, one of our researchers named Xie Li from Beijing Institute of Hepatology, developer of GP73 and HCV antigens, signed a cooperation agreement with an enterprise and declared new product to China Food and Drug Administration on its list of three-category medical device registration.


Granted research awards

In the past five years, Youan hospital has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for three times and seven other prizes of Beijing Science and Technology Award, Chinese medical science and technology award and Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Award. Innovative Scientific Achievement Award has been obtained for three times and this award belongs to Scientific and Technological Progress of Top Ten Diseases in Beijing. Professor Duan Zhongping, an academic leader in the field of infectious and liver disease, won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2011 due to his influenza treatment study by a traditional Chinese medicine called Lianhua Qingwen. Liver transplantation Professor Mr. Li Ning earned the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012 because of his participation in molecular targeted therapy of tumor metastasis. In terms of HIV/AIDS research, Professor Wu Hao obtained the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015 thanks to his comprehensive prevention and control strategies for AIDS epidemic under new circumstances.


International exchanges

As Beijing Municipal International Science & Technology Cooperation Base granted in 2011, Youan hospital established six international cooperation platforms for clinical exchanges. We have Sino-US clinical research center for infectious and chronic diseases, Sino-British infectious disease clinical research center and Institute of liver diseases jointly set up by Capital Medical University and University of Calgary etc.All these facilitate a strategic partnership and a two-way cooperation mechanism connecting our hospital with international institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical related markets. We aim to develop a high-level clinical and translational medical research center based on worldwide cutting-edge medical technology.